Three week teaching session

It was the first of my three week intensive teaching sessions today – the module is ‘applied project management’.

I use a different style of teaching for this – it’s all based on some computer based training materials which I managed to source from the Open University.

It takes place in a fictitious company, and there are seven stages to the project.  Below is the video which ‘kicks off’ the process.

Would you want to be in Sally’s shoes?

I do like the ‘icebreaker’ for this session, which I’ve done whenever appropriate and I’m introducing case study-based materials.  For all of the ‘actors’, I ask students to read the biography/cv. and then ask them some ‘silly’ questions  – for example what sort of car would they drive, their favourite film, and where would they go on holiday.  I do get a few groans, but it does work, within half an hour the students are thinking of these as ‘people’ – to the extent that they start muttering when their hero (in this case Sally) gets a snotty email from the HR manager.

The rest of the day will be spent feeding back to students on marking, and more marking, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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