we7 – worth a look

On my usual tortuous journey into work this morning, I heard an article on Radio 4 about a new music service, we7.  I remember a colleague mentioning this to me sometime last year.  Apparently the Sony/BMG music catalogue is now available through this, and many of the tracks are available as free mp3’s, if you are prepared to listen to a short (they appear to be about 5 second) ad at the start.

Mp3’s are, as you know, DRM-free, meaning that they can be shared across all devices, including iPods.

Not all songs are available for free, and not all can be downloaded for a fee (99p, compared to Apple’s 79p for a single track), but I still think this service could be a winner for people like me, who have an eclectic taste in music.

I’ve just downloaded and listened to three tracks (listened through iTunes) –

  • an awful instrumental version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s I don’t know how to love him, which was Muzzak at it’s worst.
  • the theme tune to ‘Animal Magic’ – great for novelty value but doubt that it’ll make my permanent collection.
  • a Doris Day rendition of ‘Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered’ – clear, concise and enjoyable, this will live in my library permanently even with the five second ad for we7 at the start of it.

Let’s see how this business model lasts long-term, but in the meantime I thnk I’ll have a little ‘splurge’ on some ad-supported music for long car journeys – but will tag them in iTunes so that I can easily delete them if I do find the adverts too irritating.

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