New iMac – a stiff upper lip

As could have been predicted, less than a month after my new desktop was ordered, the iMac has been updated.

The key thing is a processor speed boost for the base model machine which I ordered – to 2.4 Ghz (mine is 2.0), linked to a faster bus.

More info from the macrumors site.

I’m not too upset – whilst it would have been nice to have had the latest processor, this machine (esp. with the 4Gb memory) does all that I need, and is (fairly) futureproof.

There’s always a faster/better/cheaper/smaller product just around the corner.  It can’t be helped.

The form factor hasn’t changed however, the aluminium casing is really durable, and apart from missing a standby light, there’s nothing I would change with my model.

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