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ITMB All Student Event

Yesterday was the culmination of two months planning, as the vast majority of the ITMB students within the UK attended the ITMB all student event at UCL London.

It meant an early (very early) start for us, the coach was supposed to leave university at 6:30am, meaning a 5.00 wake up call for me.  We hit a few snags amongst the way, but still made good(ish) time given London traffic, and were nibbling our Danish pastries by 10:15.

The day was a mix of lectures by industry leaders, workshops and student competitions.  We’ve never done too well at these in the past, but the students this time had worked really hard.

And it paid off!

Whilst we did not finish in the top three places for the First year poster competition, the second year students came second in the debating competition, beating Northumbria, Oxford Brookes, Greenwich and UWE, narrowly being pipped at the post by Manchester University.

Each of the four students won £150 defending the position that “Alan Turing was the person, who throughout history, has made the most significant contribution to the progression of IT”.  Out of interest, the winner was Vint Cerf, the ‘Father of the Internet’.  Of course, the irony that Turing did much of his post-war work at Manchester University, who beat us in the competition, wasn’t lost on some of us.

Then it was onward to a meal in Covent Garden, and apart from a couple of missing students, a missing bag, and (briefly) a missing lecturer, it all went to plan and timings.

I was back home by midnight, and though shattered I couldn’t drop off to sleep, and was awake at 3am to hear the first questioning chirps of the dawn chorus.

All in, it was a good day, and everyone seems to have enjoyed it.  We’re hoping to get some good promotional material out of the competition win, and a promotional video for e-skills shown at the event was also really well put together.

I’m working from home today, not recovering, but catching up on emails and paperwork from a manic teaching day on Monday, and being out all day yesterday.