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Up and running on iMac

After a surprisingly short space of time, I’m up to (nearly) full productivity on my new iMac.

All the applications have been downloaded or installed, apart from Microsoft Office, more of which later.  I’ve been able to transfer my iTunes library and iPhoto from my laptop to my main machine, and all the various media plug-ins and players are also working.

One thing I’ve been amazed and delighted with is the sound quality of the speakers… and of course where the speakers are.  They in fact bounce sound off the desk, but they are loud, and listening to some music which I thought I knew well, there’s a depth to the music which I’ve not experienced before.

But a word about the various ‘Office’ options that are available to me, and which I’ve considered.

I am entitled to install Microsoft Office for Mac – I have a license agreement etc. But whilst the software does the job, and would offer the most compatibility with the files which I need for work, it is very large and is clearly ‘Microsoft’ in look and feel.

So I thought I would consider some of the alternatives which are available to me.

First was of course OpenOffice.  I downloaded this, and installed with no problems.  I am using OpenOffice for my Open University work within Parallels, and have found it easy to use and works well for what I need there.  However, under native OS X operation, it first has to install X11, and runs under that.  This takes around thirty seconds to boot up with my measly (for the time being) 1 Gig memory, though fast enough once loaded.  I’ve still kept the .dmg file, and when I’ve upgraded my memory it may offer acceptable performance, but for the time being native and ‘true’ OpenOffice doesn’t meet my needs.

So I’m looking again at NeoOffice.  This is a ‘true’ port of OpenOffice into the Mac environment, with a mac look-and-feel.  I did look at this when I was having problems installing Microsoft Office onto my MacBook, but discounted it once I did get Office working OK.  It’s downloading as I speak (another huge download, I’m so glad I’ve got a 40 Gb usage limit with TalkTalk, I think I may be coming close to that this month).

But enough playing, I need to start using the machine to be productive.  I’ve made a good start with my Open University work, sending some information onto a colleague which was asked for following the event in Milton Keynes last weekend.  I think another late night may just be beckoning.