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iMac has landed

Just a quick note, my iMac was safely delivered to parents today, and I’m now using it to type up this posting.

It’s everything that I hoped for, and I’ve been continually delighted by it. The aluminium keyboard is lovely to use, probably because I find the MacBook keyboard similar in feel to my MacBook (though not in spacing, the iMac keyboard gives me ample room to ‘breath’ and is spaced far enough apart for my fat fingers to hit the right key first time).

The silence in running is spooky, I think there’s more of a hum coming from my halogen light as I type this.

The only problems encountered so far relate to the HP Deskjet F4180 printer which I got for ‘free’ with the iMac. The CD included is clearly pre-leopard, and after some hunting around I’ve found the workaround. I’ve copied it below (and thanks to ‘NW’ who posted the extract below onto the buyers guide on the apple website.

…saw on this page that some people had tried downloading hp software from their website. I did this and it definitely works and I’m really pleased with it. I just wanted to let anyone else with this problem that this is what I did:

uninstall the CD software completely by clicking on the uninstall icon, empty the trash completely, unplug the printer from your computer (this is important). Then restart your computer. Now go to and click on ‘software and driver downloads’. Enter the model name (on the top of the printer) and search, click on Mac OSX. You want the software, NOT the driver – its called ‘HP Deskjet full feature software etc etc…’ Download this and run it. Only plug in the printer when it tells you to. Obviously restart your computer when the setup is complete. Hopefully this helps someone a few hours of frustration on the phone to HP!…

I’m sure you can imagine downloading a 182.2 Mb file is not a minor consideration on my creaky broadband, but it’s getting there.

But it’s getting late now, and I’ve got a busy day at work tomorrow. I’d better hit the sack, and pick this thread up tomorrow.


JISC 08 Conference in Birmingham

This is a semi-live blog from the JISC conference in Symphony Hall.  I would have liked it to be a totally live blog, but I’m having problems finding a reliable and live wireless connection.
(Update, I’m now able to live blog, having ‘won’ on a wi-fi scratchcard!)

I attended this conference last year, and found it useful – it directly put me onto the JISC project management techniques which a student developed into a dissertation.   I’m also preparing a JISC bid at the moment, and hope to talk to someone about how I can improve my chances of getting the bid accepted, more of this in a later post I”m sure.
I’m using Scrivener, the word processing software which I intend to use for my creative writing to produce this blog, and to make notes of the three talks that I’m going to, the keynote talk, and the  two breakout sessions.

After the conference it’s back to uni for a meeting, then and to my parents to pick up my iMac!  Yes, it’s finally happened.  I’ve been tracking it on TNT, and it’s out for delivery at the moment from Birmingham.  Exciting times indeed.  Of course, my spotlessly clean study has become a little cluttered, and before I unbox a single item, I’m determined to decommission my old desktop in an appropriate way – and give the room a final dust.

I’m incredibly flattered that Lord Putnam, in his keynote address, specifically mentioned the Open University course which gave me my first experience of teaching, which was the start of the journey which  got me where I am today.  T171, You, your computer and the Internet was a groundbreaking course in the OU, I tutored the first two presentations of this course before switching to the follow on course T209.

As I type I”m listening to a talk about Intellectual Property and Web 2.0 – it’s a legal and moral minefield.  It’s a good job that apart from Twitter, Facebook, and this blog I’ve not embraced Web 2.0.. or maybe I should be worried.  I’d better carry on listening to the talk.