T320 Briefing

Saturday saw me back down at Milton Keynes for a briefing for the new course T320 – Ebusiness technologies: foundations and practice.

This is brand new to the OU, and a brand new area too.  The course is separated into four modules, and there’s clearly a steep learning curve for the students, and at least in the first presentation, for the tutors and course team too.

One thing that was clear is that there’s a lot of practical experiments in the course, using quite a complex package.  There are some good tutorials, including some video demonstrations, but the package used (Eclipse, though a couple of different flavours are used in the course), is not the most intuitive.  As we went through the demonstrations yesterday my confidence went from ‘that’s easy’, through ‘that’s challenging’, to ‘that’s difficult’, to ‘what the heck!’.

As soon as parallels is delivered (see yesterday’s post) I’ll be trying to install the package on my laptop and getting to grips with the software.

But this aside, I can see that it’s going to be a really interesting course, both for tutor and student.  The first presentation is intense, delivered over just six months rather than the usual nine month presentation, but I’m sure I will cope, I’m not studying anything at the moment, so have the time to dedicate to this.

Meanwhile, my exisitng T324 students are working hard towards their first TMA.  It’s still a little way off, but I’m sure that the students are all working hard towards it.

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