Parallels for Leopard

I’ve always thought that BootCamp would be sufficient for my Windows needs for my new Mac (being shipped as I speak, but details are a little sketchy now that ApeCode appears to have gone belly up.)

So why have I just invested in Parallels Desktop 3 (Mac/Leopard) – those that know me will wonder why I’ve spent over £40 for something that provides similar functionality to something that’s built into Leopard.

I’m convinced however that for my new OU course, I’ll need to spend a lot of time in the Windows environment.  I’ll write more about the OU briefing day for T320 later.  Whilst the main software, Eclipse, does work in Mac (it’s open source, and it’s also written in Java), the course uses some unique installations and add ons.  Using Parallels means that I can also use the official and supported eTMA file handling system.  I did have an alternative solution set up, using an unsupported piece of software, but I would like to be ‘right’.

I have a friend who runs parallels for CAD work on his architecture course, which is a fairly intensive package and does so with no problems.  My new mac, with the anticipated 4Gb of memory should fly, even running XP!

On a different note, here’s the view from my bedroom window as I woke this morning.


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