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Three mobile broadband and Leopard

Look before you leap!

Flushed with a £100 refund from NPower, I thought I would treat myself to the mobile broadband modem from three which I’ve been looking for.

But knowing that Leopard has different network preferences, I thought I would check this out first.

My first attempt to speak to a three representative online failed, so I sent an email to them.  No reply.

So when in doubt, I put the title of this post into Google.  After a few fale starts, I found this excellent thread and discussion.  As you can see, whilst most people managed to get the device working, it’s a far from easy solution.

I think this is a product which needs to mature a little more before I risk the purchase.  It’s not the one-off cost, but the ongoing monthly charge – I don’t want to pay for services which I can’t use.