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Elonex One – postage costs

This will be the last post on the subject for a while.

I expressed earlier concerns about the possible carriage charges for the Elonex One/One+. An eagle eyed reader, Ben Clark, has contacted me directly to point out that the charges are stated on the web site, and a very reasonable £10 (namely the deposit taken) –

Hopefully to alleviate your fears regarding the shipping costs, I’ll point you to the shop page on the Elonex site:
“The full amount (£119) will be paid when your unit is ready to ship, and the deposit you have already paid will become the shipping charge for your ONE+.”

So £10, which seems pretty fair 🙂

Thanks for spotting this.

Update – I found this article which compares the OLPC, Eee, and Elonex One, a really good read and unbiased comparison of the three.