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Elonex One upgrade to Elonex One+ – no worries!

Firstly, a thanks to all the blog readers who have managed to more than double my previous best record for this blog.  Over 230 hits today, and from a range of different sources.

I mentioned yesterday that at launch I’d reserved a £99 Elonex One, the linux-based laptop aimed at students.  I was pleased with this, but a couple of weeks afterwards they released the Elonex One+, with double the internal memory (for the operating system and working memory), and Bluetooth for an extra £20.

I wanted to swap, and upgrade, but thought there would be hassle involved in this.  But a quick email to with details and I had an email back in fifteen minutes confirming the change, and another sales receipt confirming the switch.

It’s great to get this level of service from what must be a relatively low-value transaction for the company.  OK, I’m still a little wary of how much the postage and packing may be when delivered, and it will be interesting to see if they hit their target of a June delivery window, but I have no reason (yet) to doubt them.

There’s a video of the Elonex One on launch day on the BBC site here.