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Linux everywhere

Linux does seem to be everywhere nowadays.

Take yesterday as a case in point.  I checked the order status of my Elonex One, and sent an email to see if my order for the One can be upgraded to the One+ (bluetooth, and bigger internal memory).  I then caught the train to the Queen Elizabeth hospital, watching the in-train tv which is powered by some Linux flavour (given the error message I saw a few weeks back).  Visiting my friend Simon at the QE, he’s spotted that the tv/phone/internet screens that each patient has are powered by Linux.  This is of course when he’s not tapping away on his Asus EEE, and hopefully writing the next Da Vinci Code (only better).

BTW – when clearing out my study, I found not one but two copies of Dan Brown’s novel in my bookcase.  How? and more importantly, Why?

Around university, I’ve spotted Linux at the deli sandwich ordering point (I’ll take a photo next time I’m in, it crashes fairly frequently so this shouldn’t be tricky).  And I noted last year, that the Aer Lingus in-flight entertainment system on the way to New York used Linux – let’s hope the baggage handling system at Heathrow airport doesn’t! (more on this soon, I’m preparing a discussion paper for comparison between this and the other famous airport system failure.