A life without the Internet?

This morning I had to take my MINI in for a recall on a small item.  It would be a short job, so decided to wait whilst it was done.  After all, I had my laptop and would be able to do something productive whilst waiting, maybe drinking some high quality coffee.

Well, I got the good coffee (damn fine coffee!), but with a lack of Internet access of any sort, it’s really restricted what I can do, and has acted as a reminder to me how much of a ‘web worker’ I truly am.

Here are some things which I planned to do in this time slot, and can’t do (with reasons)
•    Check email (work and home) – obvious really, but I miss that first check of the morning.  I was in too much of a rush at home to do that first scan before I headed out.
•    Do finances – the problem with online banking is that it’s.. online.  My plan to update my spreadsheets failed miserably.
•    Check on deliveries – it’s no surprise to anyone that I’ve usually got at least one order outstanding on Amazon or elsewhere.  It’s a bad habit, but I do like to check each day.

Clearly I still have a fully functioning laptop, I’m typing this in Word and will cut and paste into my blog later.  I’ve fired up Scrivener a couple of times, but with the best will in the world, a car showroom waiting area is not a good environment to try and write creatively.  There are other things on my mind today which isn’t really helping.

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