External hard disc

Better late than never, I’ve invested in a backup device – the Western Digital My Book 2 Essential 500GB External USB 2.0 Hard Drive  – or ‘black book’ as I think it will be known.

First impressions are good.  Time Machine worked exactly as advertised, it was almost a ‘zero click’ solution.  Plugged it in, connected to my MacBook, and Time Machine asked if I wanted to use it as a backup device.  I clicked Yes, another Yes to format the disc, and that was it.  50 Gig of data was transferred in about an hour, I just left it chugging away, though it’s supposed to be clever enough for you to be able to interrupt the process.

One thing I’ve been worried about was noise – I’ve been reassured that my iMac will be almost silent in running which will be pointless if the backup device whirrs away.  Just sitting there there’s very little noise, which I don’t think will disturb me.  When accessing there is maybe a little more ‘clicking’ than I would be entirely happy with, but I’m rationalising that it will provide audio confirmation that a backup has been completed.

Why didn’t I go for Time Capsule?  Apple’s wireless product.  Mostly, it’s the co$t, whilst an elegant solution, I couldn’t justify paying over three times the cost.  There’s also a power-issue… Time Capsule would need to be plugged in 24/7, whereas my simple external hard disc can be powered up/down as necessary.

Hopefully I’ll never have to think about this product again, and it will simply provide the reassurance that I wish I’d had last weekend!


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