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Dead MacBook

I’m not happy.

Early Saturday morning I was watching a movie on my MacBook when it froze.

Tried abandoning the application (FrontRow), no response.

I had to press the kill button for the first time in my life of the laptop.  Turned it back on.

Got the apple chord.  Then nothing.

Tried all the usual combinations, and nothing.  Of course, my desktop Windows PC is also dead, luckily I had access to the Toshiba laptop that I’m typing this on.

Luckily, I’m in Birmingham on Monday morning for a meeting anyhow at 11am, and I’m booked into the MacGenius bar in the Apple store in the Bullring at 9am.  I hope to be able to do a ‘live blog’ from the event – at least I’ll be taking notes, but only on pen and paper.

My MacBook is seven months old, and I’m really unhappy about this.  Let’s hope that the data on the hard disc can be saved.