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Ever wish you’d never got out of bed

I’ve not had a good twenty-four hours, but I’m pleased to say that it’s all been sorted.

You’ll know that I’ve been commuting by train more recently. I got back to my MINI-me (picture below) to find that the driver’s side window had been smashed, and the TomTom sat nav had been stolen.  It was hidden, but all the components were there.  Luckily nothing else was taken.


It’s been a day of hassle since, but now it has all been sorted and I can be a little more philosophical.  Insurance-wise it couldn’t have been easier, the only hassle really came when Autoglass said that they would replace the glass at my home, but then phoned to say that they couldn’t, and I would have to visit their branch.  This meant that I couldn’t go into work today, and I’m grateful for the patience of the staff and students whilst this was sorted.

It did give me chance to test the wi-fi at McDonalds Great Bridge (very vast, and also allowed me to do more thanweb surf, a less restrictive policy than at work.

Normal service will resume tomorrow at work, and I’m also going to give my car a valet as a reward for what it’s been through.

Meanwhile, my home PC is still playing up, I’m convinced the problem is related to the disk drive(s), as I type I’m doing a chkdsk on both of them to see if that resolved the problem.  It feels like a bad ‘boot’ sector, starting up fine in safe mode and Ubuntu.  If I can’t get this working, I’ll just recover the key data (I have been using Mozy, but there’s still a lot of files I’d like to recover), and save my pennies until the iMac is updated… any day soon, I can feel it in my bones.