Admin crazy

Today, I’ve been mostly typing and photocopying. 

Typing has been writing exam papers, moderating assignments, and pushing these through our internal moderation procedures.  All’s gone well, in a morning I’ve pushed more paper (well, electronic paper) than is sensible, but it is all sorted now.

This did bring to a head though the need to confirm dates for my three week intensive module at the end of the semester.  I like teaching this, there’s some good computer-based training supported by videos and audio files.  Students like it too, and it’s one of the ‘innovative’ techniques.

One thing I want to do to add some humor to the teaching is to award an honorary Oscar to the worst actor in the video clips.  I need to start thinking about where to get an Oscar from.

One of the aims of the module is to ‘overwhelm’ students with paper, much as a regular project manager is, so this afternoon I blew my photocopier budget, and did all the repro needed too.  It’s an impressive pile, and I think students will be overwhelmed.

Only two student tutorials, both keen and happy with how their projects are doing.

Tomorrow it’s more typing, this time into spreadsheets.  Still, mustn’t grumble as Terry Wogan would say.


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