Good Customer Service

Alas, not from this country, but Italy.

I’ve long lusted after a Moleskine notebook, small notebooks which are made from quality paper, with a sturdy cover.  Commuting more by train gave me the excuse to purchase one, and Amazon, as usual were doing a really good deal.

However, when it arrived the bookmark tab was detached from the main body of the notebook.  Not a deal-breaker by any means, but disappointing.  I read the blurb provided with the notebook (it’s not quite an operations manual, but it explains the history of the company, and the philosophy behind the notebook (please, stay with me)).

I emailed the address suggested if there were any problems (with a digital photo of the defect, which I did from my phone and blootoothed over to my MacBook.  They (not very promptly) replied, I provided more details, and today in the post was a brand new replacement moleskine, posted directly from Italy.

This will be my ‘home’ book I think, the other one is fine for my jottings when I’m out and about – though I know one day I’ll pick up the wrong book by mistake.

Those who’ve been following my twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been tidying my study for what feels like an age, in fact less than a week.  I’ve given nearly fifty books to a charity shop, filled my wheelie bin twice, and I’m still going strong, though I’m now in the final stages of tidying cables and vacuuming where spiders have been hiding out for years.  No excuse soon for not buying my iMac.


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