iPlayer problems?

Is it possible that the streaming version of iPlayer is a victim of it’s own success?

There’s been some articles demonstrating that the amount of streaming within the UK has dramatically increased, and The Register has attempted to quantify the cost of this as 1p per minute streamed for each ISP customer.

In other words, viewing iPlayer today costs your ISP a penny a minute – but the ISP isn’t gaining any additional revenue from you. Nor is it being subsidised by the content provider, the BBC, to carry those streams.

On a personal note, I’ve experienced problems streaming iPlayer over the last couple of weeks.  This was brought to a head at 4 o’clock this morning (have I mentioned my insomnia in the past… several times) when trying to re-watch the excellent ‘Being Human’ (three more days to watch, and I implore you to sign the petition to commission it as a series).

Now 4am cannot be a heavy duty time for my much criticized (especially by me) ISP TalkTalk, but iPlayer was stuttering and having problems from about 5 minutes into the programme.  Because the way that the streaming iPlayer screen dims then brightens when buffering, it quickly becomes annoying, and then after about 10 minutes unwatchable.

I’ll do some more testing at various times to see if I can find a pattern.  It could be that I just picked a popular stream (it’s number six in the iPlayer viewing charts at the moment).

But there’s also a cause for concern if the rumors of iPlayer being available on AppleTV and iPhone are true – surely this will dramatically increase the demand for a product which appears to be unsustainable on the existing infrastructure to most homes?


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  2. Matt on

    Hi, there is a patch for the echolife HG520s that resolves a conflict between windows and the echolife HG520s wireless router.

    Its available from http://www.talktalkmembers.com

  3. rachael on

    I am unable to download any flashplayer to my elonex onet and was just wonderingi f any one new why this was and is there a way of getting flashplayer?

  4. James on

    I used to be able to watch iplayer fine on low bandwith mode as normal mode’s stuttering is such a pain at my speed (below 500 kb/s) but recently (Jan 2012) since the new version (the pink based colour scheme version)
    the lower bandwidth version started to stutter, i tried the normal version and many other programmes and even at all times of the day, it still stutters. Does anybody know any connection? Or, is it just the fact broadband streaming is just so popular its killing itself?

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