I’ve been fighting this cough and sore throat for over a fortnight now, and it’s now starting to impact my work.  I’m guessing (apart from the ability to write), a voice is a lecturer’s most important tool.  I need to preserve mine.  I’m dosed up on antibiotics, and the doctor has threatened an inhaler if I’m not fit next Friday.

So an impromptu need to help more with the Open Day at BCU may not have been the best, projecting my voice in the second largest lecture theatre in the university. Still, we seemed to have done well, with some reasonable and intelligent questions from the audience.

I’m making a conscious effort to minimise conversations over the next few days, to be fit for a demanding week.  It’s not just teaching, There’s also OU tutorials, exam boards a-plenty, and important information to transmit to students before the ITMB guru lecture.

One advantage has been I’ve been able to give Scrivener a good try out.  It’s more than a word processor with an outliner, it’s designed for large documents, and creative writing, as I’m trying to do more in both areas, it’s a good tool.  It’s also Mac-only, and the website is refreshingly honest, even to the point that it suggests alternatives if you find that you don’t like Scrivener’s style.  It’s not the easiest package to get used to, but I am starting to see it’s power.

I’ve still got a couple of weeks of the 30 day trial left, but to be honest there’s little doubt in my mind that I’ll be investing in it, at $39.95 (£20.31) at today’s exchange rate.


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  1. James Robertson on

    Andy; thanks for the link to the core Birmingham City Uni website… – however, the Brand Police require that I mention the fact that it is not Official Policy to use our TLA, but that we prefer it to be used in the fuller sense of Birmingham City Uni….

    Part of the reasoning I can understand; we changed our name after all in order to get the all important “Birmingham” in there. But, what THEY don’t understand is that this is a personal blog, not run by the Uni and the most I can do is mention it!

    And can I thank you quite profoundly for NOT opening the link to the core site in a new window?! – it is a crime against usability that I find myself railing against more and more – and I find that people cannot see how it makes MY site harder to use – due to the actions of a third party site by disabling the back button on my site!

    Anyway; rant over – carry on – nothing to see here!

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    As you say James, it’s a personal blog. But it’s also the abbreviation used by students, and myself when my deteriorating resource (my voice!) is at breaking point – think of all those extra syllables my throat has to worry about.

    The other institution I’m associated with, the Open University (OU) is a lot less precious about abbreviation. It’s not liked, but I’ve never been reprimanded for it’s use there.

    And there’s a strong argument if the powers that be are against ‘BCU’, why use it as the web address! Maybe people would get bored half way through typing http://www.birminghamcityuniversity.ac.uk

    But point noted, and I’ll not consciously use the abbreviation again – though I still refer to life outside university as BBW.

    (Big Bad World)

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