Facebook Fatigue

It seems that I’m not alone in wondering whether Facebook really does justify it’s dominant position. Whilst walking to the doctor’s this morning I heard on the radio that for the first time the number of active UK users had reduced recently.

Technological pundits seem to differ as to whether this is a seasonal blip, or the sign of something more pernicious.

The latest addition to my crowded RSS feed is the .life blog of BBC Technology correspondents. Their latest posting ponders whether it’s an age related issue, and that at the age of 37 I’m simply ‘too old’ for Facebook (though looking at my friends on FB, well over half are over 40).

This has been picked up elsewhere, and the Guardian provides some good analysis of the figures.

I’ve unplugged and plugged myself into Facebook a few times since joining last October. I think most of it is trivial, but it’s also good to keep in touch with whom I’ve lost face to face contact, but still want to know what they’re doing.

And then I watch something like Mock the Week (below), and find myself nodding in agreement with so much of what they say!

Working tomorrow at the Open Day at BCU, hope to do a live blog.


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