Should I be peeved?

Early on Sunday morning I noticed that The Register had posted a story about the BBC making shows available through iTunes. 

I checked with MacRumors, a site which joggles with The Register for my RSS attention, and they hadn’t got the story, so I duly completed the Submit a Rumor form, providing my contact details.

And then on Monday the story duly appeared as a Page 2 article, but without crediting me, or anyone else who may have seen it.

Now, I could have been one of thousands who sent the story, or I could have been the first (I spotted it about 7am Sunday, 2am Eastern time, not exactly the usual time for a hotbed of techie rumors I wouldn’t have thought).

So I’m now a little peeved that MacRumors didn’t acknowledge my find, and find that I trust the site just that little bit less.

I think I’ll just ‘tut’, and put it down to experience.

Tomorrow’s highlight is a lecture by Professor Kevin Warwick, aka Captain Cyborg.  I’m looking forward to it, and maybe a little live blogging if the opportunity presents itself.  More details are here, anyone is welcome to attend.


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