Windows PC fixes

A friend has delivered his ailing PC to me for resuscitation.  It’s used by himself and his four children, which can provide their own ‘challenges’. 

The chance to have the machine here and to spend some time working methodically is much better than in situ.  As well as the obvious removal of ‘bloatware’, I’ve used this article as a good starter.  In particular, Glary Utilities fixed over seven hundred registry errors on it’s first run.

One thing that does become frustrating however is the number of times that you need to reboot the machine whilst you’re fixing the machine.  I’m on the fifth or sixth reboot of the afternoon – though at least the reboots are quicker each time.

I can also use the remote desktop connection software on my macbook to connect to the machine, and remotely control the process whilst doing other things… at the moment I’m working on a really important mind map for a meeting next week.

And in-between, I’ve been marking placement assignments.  They’ve been of consistently good quality, which makes differentiation difficult.  But I won’t create artificial separation – I’m happy to defend the marks, though these aren’t due to an exam board until September.

A long day tomorrow, but I’ll hopefully post sometime about the day.


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