What’s in your Rucksack

I envy those people who appear to be able to travel light.  As someone diagnosed with  Chondromalacia patellae, and who now commutes by train whenever he can because of the awful traffic, the weight of my Targus rucksack has become an issue.

A quick inventory explains why I appear more like a packhorse than some of my fellow train travellers.

When I’m not carrying coursework, the single heaviest item is my MacBook.  I admit I can be a little obsessed about keeping this with me at all times, but it fends off boredom, and provides me with the chance when at work to not be chained to my office desk.  I do leave it at home though when I know I’ll be carrying a lot of marking home.  I don’t keep the charger with me usually, as the MacBook has three hours of useful battery life, which can extend to five hours if I dim the screen and use ‘extreme’ measures.

The rest of  my daily baggage is split between medical care, and those things which you never know you’ll need, until you need them.  Mouse, iPod sync cable, pen drive,  a book (always a book, I would hate to be stuck somewhere without a book to read), pens, iPod (two at the moment) and emergency phone.

Medicine wise I feel I carry more with me than Greg, with Ibuprofen and Feldene Gel for my knee, Co-Codamol for my headaches, and the odd Lemsip packet rolling around, along with a bottle of water to take tablets with.

Still, at least I can’t claim to be unprepared.  How do other regular train commuters cope?


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