WordPress.com now provides 60 times more storage

If only it could do the same with my wardrobe at home.

Quietly, and with little fanfare, WordPress now provides 3Gb of storage for photos and ‘rich media’ (though strangely not movies, I guess there are issues with streaming these).

This is 60 times the the previous capacity of 50mb (those computer scientists amongst you can discuss whether 3Gb is really 60 times the storage, but I’m using the stats from
Wordpress for this. .  More details can be found on the official WordPress blog.

This could mean a lot more rich media appearing on blogs, for where one leads, the other follows.  WordPress proudly states…

To get half that much space (1GB) at our nearest competitor, Typepad, you’d pay at least $300 a year. We’re doing the same thing for free.

…for the time being at least.  As Google shows with it’s gmail service (currently providing a little over 6.3 Gb of storage for emails, every personal email I’ve sent and received for the last four years is there, and I’ve just hit 350 Mb!), space can be cheap.

Let’s see what the competition do in response to this.


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