T324 starts again

It’s that time of year again when many Open University courses start up. I’m tutoring T324 again – Keeping ahead in ICT.

It’s focus is on wireless technologies and networks, and a sneak peek at the companion for the first block (lasting until the end of April) really looks interesting – the use of mobile phones on planes, the use of wireless USB, and other ‘bleeding edge’ technologies.

I’ve sent the welcome email out to all the students I have allocated so far – much fewer than last year for which I am grateful. We also have the tutor conference (sorry, Forum) all set out too. This ‘start of term’ always used to make me nervous, but as this is my tenth year of tutoring with the OU (I started with T171 in 1999, moved to T209 in 2001, last year started T324), then I’m familiar with the process now.

It’s much easier now that it’s all done electronically, at the outset I used to receive notifications by post of new students which I kept on file, and securely shredded at the end of the year.

I would always recommend that students, whatever their level, purchase the ‘Good Study Guide’. There’s one for Arts, and one for Sciences (including Maths, Computing and Technology). I take mine to the first tutorial, and show how useful it can be, even for ‘short answer’ questions which students think there is little technique needed (I hate docking marks off students when they forget things such as missing off the units).

The rest of the day so far has been spent trying to clear out cupboards, I’m having an en-suite fitted in an under-stairs cupboard requiring a shift around of the detritus that I hoard. Someone said that two house moves is the equivalent of a single fire – this is my 13th year in this house, so I’m well, well overdue another wholesale clearout.


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