Linking WordPress, Twitter and Facebook

Over the last week I’ve been looking at the Web 2.0 technologies. For the sake of this discussion, I’ defining Web 2.0 as ‘user generated content easily available to everyone, or a social group of individuals’.

This blog remains updated daily. However, I like Twitter, not least of which I have it added to my Google Talk list, so can post simply by sending an IM to Twitter. There’s mobile phone integration to come too – that’s later.

A simple link (top right hand side of my blog) and you can get to my Twitter ‘micro blog’. I’m still unsure how to use this, this is part of the fun.

I’ve written about this before I know, and I still need to be convinced that Twitter provides a useful experience for most people, but Web Worker Daily, which you know I hold in high esteem, sees the benefit of Twitter, and reports on it regularly.

And integrating both Twitter and my WordPress blog into Facebook was simplicity itself, though the various add-ins. So now any of my friends can see what I’m thinking about on the micro scale, or what I’m posting in this blog.

Cool. (I’ve checked with students, and it’s OK to say Cool now, but not Kewl).

The next thing is to look at mobile Twittering, and To Do lists, and getting I Want Sandy to do more than the occasional reminder. Once that’s all sorted, maybe I’ll be able to rebrand myself ‘Andy 2.0’


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