Course applications

I’ve spent some time today looking through applications for the course which I’m course director, the ITMB degree. I’m really pleased that the quality and number of applications is up this year, and with some international students too.

We have visit days planned for the rest of the term/semester, mostly during the week but with some weekends too. I only spent a year in sixth form, but given the choice we would always try to go for a weekday visit day to a local uni or poly, giving us a day of work.

But one thing that always gives me problems is transferring our offer UCAS points to A-level grades. For example, we could offer 240 points, which is equivalent to A2 grades ACE, ADD, BBE, BCD, or CCC. (This isn’t what we offer for ITMB incidentally, it’s just an example).

This use to involve a lot of head scratching, and come clearing time the opposite would happen with a phone call – “I have CCC, can I get onto your course”. But a quick google search has shown that I’m not the only one who has this problem, and someone has created an A Level Organiser. Simplicity itself to use and it works, it’s instantly become one of my bookmarks.

What hasn’t been such a pleasure today is preparing for a 1:1 session on Friday with a student who despite being a postgraduate student, has only the vaguest idea about cheating and plagiarism.  I’ve prepared some notes which I’ll post separately and am happy to share.


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