Amazon Prime has paid for itself.

Two months after joining Amazon Prime, I’ve just reached the ‘break even’ point.  So for anything ordered in the next 10 months, I get next day delivery effectively for free.

The breakdown is as follows.

I’ve ordered 8 x DVD’s, 9 x Books and 2 x Electronic items.  The minimum postage on these items is £1.45, £2.75 and £5.88 respectively – this is for first class postage, the closest to ‘next day’ delivery.  The total therefore is £48.11

Before anyone worries, most of these sales have been Christmas gifts for other people… along with the odd gift for myself (or two… well OK about half of this stuff is for my own consumption).

An ROI of two months would be great in business, and even better in a personal situation.

OK, I know most people won’t order ten items a month from Amazon, and I don’t except for the Christmas period (and a little before and after… and when I’m getting my holiday reading sorted).

Talking of which, I’ve just posted my final end of course assessment off for the archeology course which now completes my BA.  For the first time in five years I’m not currently studying a course – a strange feeling.  I’m going to use the time to do more reading and writing before considering my next options.


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