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The flash-based iPlayer which I reported on earlier has started to be recognised by the IT media. The Register, usually pretty sharp in it’s observation has caught up with the release, and has provided a good analysis here.

Whilst I focused on the hidden peer-to-peer software underlying the download service, the report focuses on the ease of use of the iPlayer. Reading other people’s blog posts too, most people seem happy with the service. On my much less than 1 Mpbs service tv is viewable, and even with my heavy Christmas usage, I’ve not received any nasty emails from TalkTalk about exceeding my bandwidth limit, which makes me think it must be pretty bandwidth efficient.

I still have icons on my mac desktop for BBC7, Radio 4 and News 24, but these link to RealPlayer streams – BBC iPlayer at the moment is complementary, not a replacement for these services.

Where could iPlayer go from here? A download service for the mac users who want this (which would work with Apple TV) could be a way forward and reinvigorate a product which is perceived as having failed to have the mass-market appeal expected.

And ‘El Reg’ mentions the Kangaroo service bringing all UK terrestrial services together (but with adverts, which is disappointing) will be interesting to progress.

Interesting times indeed.


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