Making a dull subject interesting

Let’s be honest, project management is not the most exciting subject in the world.  Then, when you constrain it by using a single technique, so that you can’t compare and contrast, then you start to have serious problems.

Then you teach this to a group of students who don’t have experience of the ‘real world’ situations that you’re presenting.  It’s amazing that students stay awake the three hours per day expected, let along thrive and enjoy the module.

But today went well, with  all students there, all participating to greater or lesser extend.  One disappointment was that very few had brought along the PRINCE2 manual, which is essential for the course.  There used to be a Stationery Office bookshop in Birmingham, but checking the website during the lecture, this appears to have now closed.  Library stocks are limited too – don’t understand why.

To try and engage the students, I’ve got prepared case studies and scenarios.  The difficulty is that I’ve worked with these so much, that though they’re new to the students, they are not new to me.  Consequently we don’t go on the ‘learning journey’ together.  I guess the answer is to look around for new case studies – something for the next presentation.

In other news, I’m heading down to the Open University on the 11th February for an Open Day on their EdD programme.  Readers will know that the EdD/PhD discussion has been playing on my mind a lot recently.  Finding out what the institution which I’ve completed most of my Higher Education learning is a sensible step I believe.

Back to marking and moderating – ho hum.


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