Why I love the Internet

I provide this story as a simple example of how the Internet can improve people’s lives in small ways.  I’m sure other people have examples.

Early in December, I watched the BBC4 programme ‘Visions of the Future’, where they mentioned time machines.
This got me thinking about the time travelling books I’ve read, my favourite being Timescape by Greg Benford, which I bought when in America in 2000.  I remembered that the first time I’d read Timescape had been from my local library in the 1980’s, and there was another time traveling book that I’d really enjoyed at the time.  I must have been about fifteen or sixteen at the time, I have memories of it being in the long summer holidays after my ‘O’ levels.

I couldn’t remember much about it, but tried Googleing various search combinations.  No luck, but there was a wikipedia entry about stories involving time travel, and there was a list of books.  Right next to Timescape in 1980 (so give it a few years to get to Wednesbury library) was a book Thrice Upon a Time.  A quick look at the wikipedia entry confirmed this was the book that I had been thinking about (but not reading too far into the synopsis), Scotland, messages, nuclear reactor, paradoxes, all what I remembered.

Another quick surf on Amazon, it’s out of print, but there was a ‘used – good’ version on it’s way to me from an independent bookseller.  Three more clicks and it was with me within the week.  I’ve just finished reading it, and each page has been a pleasure.


Compare this to 10 years ago – how would I have found the title out, let alone where to get it.


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