Santa’s techie sack

Santa has been and gone to my house, and I’ve had some techie, and techie related gifts.

PC and PC Related

The USB 2 PCI card and memory arrived, and I now have a souped-up PC. I’ll be posting more later, though generally I’m pleased with the improvements in the system, but want to add a couple more bits and pieces.

The one thing that I am very pleased with is a monitor stand for my flat panel monitor – click on the link for more information from Amazon.

This is a really simple piece of ‘technology’, but it really does work. The space to slide the keyboard underneath the monitor has given me a lot more desk space. I’ve got my DAB radio on one side, and the various bits of paper and notepad on the other.


Santa has been very good to me, with enough books to keep me going through to the summer, especially at my current reading rate.

There was just one ‘techie’ book however, and this is a massive tome at 462 pages. Colossus: The Secrets of Bletchley Park’s Code-breaking Computersis an in-depth looks at the work of the first programmable computer in the world (yes, I know there’s a good argument that ENIAC was the first, but see this book for a good discussion of the arguments around this.)

Silly Gifts

Finally, friends from Luton sent me I-Cy a very silly but also very good MP3 speaker. The flashing LED’s beat in time to the music, and if you flick its nose or tail it responds accordingly ‘in one of eight moods’. If not plugged into an iPod, it sits there and flashes and giggles to itself – worryingly good fun!. It’s not exactly an Aibo, but it amuses me, and in fact I’ve just moved it to the right side of my new monitor stand to keep me company.

Most of the rest of the holiday will be spent working on my final End of Course Assessment (ECA) for the Open University – and catching up on my reading.


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