(Miss) Prism

(continuing the Oscar Wilde theme)

When I read the Web Worker Daily article about site-specific browsers I couldn’t see the point.  After all, it seems the antithesis of web browsers with multiple tabs.

But I downloaded Prism, a product from Mozilla, configured it for Gmail using the most minimal browser, and voila! I have Google Mail, the application.  Create a shortcut to my quickstart, have it on my dashboard on my MacBook.  Brilliant.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ‘lost focus’ on gmail when surfing the web, having it as a stand alone ‘application’ really works for me.

The only snag I’ve found it that when you open a web-link, it stays within the ‘application’.  Of course, you want this sometimes when within the application, but not when you’re clicking on external links.  Still, can’t have everything I guess.


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