Email – some statistics

Due to the way I file my emails (never delete anything!), I’ve got full records of work emails sent and received.

As far as possible these reflect ‘real’ emails, not those generated by moodle forum postings etc.

In 2006 I received 5105 emails, and sent 1712.

In 2007 I received 5509 emails (7.8% increase), and sent 2,050 (16.4% increase).

Assuming a 5 day working week (ha!), and a 50 week year (as there’s still two weeks of 2007), in 2007 I received an average of 22 emails a day, and sent  an average of 8.2 emails a day.

I’m sure I’ll be posting something over the Christmas break, but my posts will not be work related.  So I’ll take this chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


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