My Christmas Project

I try to have an IT-based project over the christmas break.  Last year I dabbled with Open Source and Ubuntu, the
year before I bought myself a Palm Z22 personal organiser and had fun getting it to sync with my iBook and desktop PC.

There are three ‘candidate projects’ this year.

  1. Buy myself a Mac Mini and set this up as my home PC, installing BootCamp for my OU work.
  2. Buy an Asus eee – my friend has ordered one (well, in fact two!), and one was delivered today.  I had a quick play, and was very impressed.  But do I really need another laptop style machine, even one as dinky and cute as this?
  3. Revamp and refresh my Desktop PC, now five years old and showing its age.  This involves
    1. Upgrading memory to 1 Gig
    2. Reinstalling Windows XP and upgrading to Office 2007 (through license at work).
    3. Install a USB 2 PCI card which I’ve had for a while, and never got to work
    4. Install a super-quiet fan, see yesterday’s post.

As you may have guessed, option 3 will be least cost, and most ‘fun’ (well, I can try and pretend it’s more fun than playing with a Mac Mini).  If it gives me a year of more productive home computing, then I’ll feel it’s been beneficial and can see where we are then.  I’m sure the PC will eventually become my parent’s machine.  The budget is £50 (I spent more than that on wine for Christmas yesterday!)

Unless a reader can talk me out of this?


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  1. […] chance to buy the coolest gadget this christmas, and do your bit for charity I mentioned on Saturday that my friend had bought two Asus eee sub-notebooks.  He’s decided to sell the second one […]

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