Another virus!

You wait years for a virus, then two turn up at once.  A students wanted to show me some work, so he plugged his usb drive into my machine here at university.

A bit of whirring (well, OK then, flashing LED) – then a VirusScan warning came up, there was a virus in the ‘autorun.inf’  file on the drive. 

What was worrying for me was that the student didn’t seem that concerned about it.  ‘Shall I email you the files instead?’.  Yes, as long as you run a virus checker first.  I would have been mortified if it had been my pen drive.

Meanwhile, my PC at home is still scanning for viruses 24 hours after I started the first scan.   Norton System Scan is thorough (it’s the one that has hopefully removed the virus, but it’s also so slow!).  I think I’ll have to look at a better virus protection system – or buy my Mac Mini (so many shiny things, so little cash!)

mac mini

There are two theories here.  Either I’ve just been unlucky to encounter two viruses (virii?) in two days, or there’s more out there than I thought.  A couple of years ago I supervised a student who’s final year project was on viruses, but it was out of date as it was being written, and was focused on dissemination through boot sectors on floppy disks.  The fight moved to email virus, the last two I’ve encountered have been through instant messaging, and usb drives.

This aside, it’s been a quiet day at work.  Students are in their usual state before assignments are due (most of my assignments are due in on Friday).  I should be working on paperwork and admin, but can’t get too enthused at the moment – other things on my mind I guess.


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  1. Stan on

    thank you for these tips

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