… and thirty hours later

Give Norton System Scan it’s due, it’s slow, but it does work.

I came back home 12 hours after I left (work problems and awful traffic), and found that Norton Security Scan was still running.  I took the bull by the horns and canceled it, was very careful to follow the instructions to clear the virus.  I rebooted, another (much, much shorter) Norton System Scan took place, and voila!, all is sorted.  I have Task Manager, the machine’s responding fine, and I’m happier.

A couple of things to note.

  1. Windows Defender thought that all was well, and reported no problems.  I know it’s spyware/malware rather than virus focussed, but you would have thought it might have spotted one of the 90 infected files that Norton Security Scan did, and the fact that the registry had been hacked to pieces.
  2. Ad-Aware Personal did indeed spot the problem, but was unable to fix it.  Each time a ran Ad-Aware, it claimed to have fixed the problem, but after a reboot the same problem was still there.

In some ways I quite like the fact that it took 30 hours to fix the problem, at least the seriousness of the issue of catching a virus has not been lost on me.  I think I will look at alternatives, including ‘real time’ virus protection rather than the ‘scan when you think there’s a problem’ type.

Oh, and I’m building up a nice rant about Amazon, their Prime service, and their use of Home Delivery Network, but I’d better save that until another day.


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