A virus!

For the first time in years, I have a virus on my home PC.

I have a strong suspicion that I know what’s caused this – one student submitted their coursework which I’ve been moderated on a pen drive. It seemed to behave ‘funny’ on my machine, and it started crawling then. Since then the Task Manager option has been shaded out so I’ve not been able to start it – running from the command line is says ‘you do not have administrator privileges’, which I clearly do!

Adaware has found some problems, but doesn’t seem to be able to clear the problem. I’m trying Norton Security Scan (part of Google Pack), to see if it can spot it and stop it. The purges so far have improved the performance at least, so the scans themselves are running quicker.

I’ve just had a thought, I had Windows Defender running too, and it sneaked past that – right, let’s see what that can do.

Top tips from this apart from the obvious of don’t put usb drives into your own machine (I’ll be more wary at work too), is that just because you don’t have a problem for a while, it doesn’t mean that they problem has gone away!

Good job my MacBook is working fine, and I’m still being productive. Two people have tried to convince me that this is the time for me to switch to a MacMini, which I’ve been thinking about for a good while, but don’t have the budget for at the moment.

I’ll update tomorrow if I’ve fixed the problem – I’ll probably edit this posting later to add links to the various products mentioned.

UPDATE – It is a virus, it’s been identified as W32.IMaut.N, and not spread through USB drives, but Yahoo! Messenger – I loaded it last month to chat to a friend who had a Yahoo!  I’m still scanning, but I’m guessing because Norton has identified it, it will also remove it.  I’ve also removed Yahoo! Messenger from my PC – ‘just in case’.


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