Live Blogging

I’m blogging from the Open University staff development day.  At the moment we’re listening to a keynote lecture about the new VLE being introduced, which just happens to be moodle, which I’ve been using for the last four years.  Unfortunately the ‘borrowed’  wi-fi link which I had been using had disappeared, so I’ll have to do a cut and paste.

I’ve been to several of these staff development events before, but have never seen one so well attended.  Chatting to the other associate lecturers the reason for this attendance seems to be practical.  In the past, these events have been held on a Sunday, as the regional centre is usually fully booked during the week.  There is also a buzz about the new faculty structure, and of course the changes within the University.

I have to make a quick comment here about my macbook.  I’ve got the screen brightness turned down low, but with the wi-fi connection still active.  The battery monitor says I have over five and a half  hours battery life, incredible really.  I kow that if I do anything too processor intensive the fan may start whirring, and battery life plummets like a stone, but for note taking such as this it’s absolutely fine, and also very quiet.

As mentioned before, I’m also here for a lunchtime ‘marketplace’ event, where four or five of us are setting out a stall in the main room, and we are hoping people will come to us with their questions and queries.  I’m offering general technical help using a PC (or a mac) for OU work.

The speaker has just made an interesting quote “You can’t smell people online!”  A good point, and it caused a ripple of laughter.  I’m not sure whether this is a advantage or a disadvantage!

The network link is up again, and I’m keen to post this ‘live’, so I’m going to cut and paste, more later.


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