A space to think

One advantage of traveling a lot is the space to think.  This isn’t always obvious.  OK you’re sitting in your train/bus/ferry/airline seat and it appears that you’ve a lot of time to spare, but in reality unless you’re a seasoned traveller you’re looking at what’s going on around and about you, worrying that you’ll get off at the wrong station, whether anyone’s going to sit next to you etc.
This is my third long distance train journey in three weeks, and I’m only just beginning to feel chilled about the whole travel thing.
I like train travel, and should do more of it, but it only takes a single bad experience to spoil the whole thing for me.  A couple of years ago I went down to London on a Virgin Pendolino, when there was an unusually warm summers day.  The train crawled along, hot and stuffy,  finally reaching Euston an hour after it’s scheduled arrival time, meaning I had a frantic chase cross town to find the BCS Headquarters.  The stress of the moment spoiled the experience of train travel for me for a good while – when I went down to London for pleasure with my friend shortly afterwards, I was edgy all the way down and back.

What would make travel better for me?  The few times I’ve travelled first class, and paid the upgrade fee has made it much more enjoyable.  It’s not just the extra space and free food, it removes a big chunk of tension for me, and means I’m much more productive.

Though my time’s not been wasted today.  Heading down I completed more of the ITMB annual report for e-skills, the only gaps now are in the recruitment and retention figures.  I’ve got these at work, so should get this sent off by the end of the month.  And of course on the way back I’ve been able to write this post.

Which reminds me, on Saturday three posts should appear as if by magic whilst I’m working for the Open University.   I’m manning a ‘tech guru’ stand at a staff development session for them, and the ‘useful info’ sheets I’ve prepared I’ve also posted to this blog, they should appear when I’m there.  In the *very* unlikely event that I run out of handouts I can then point them to my blog.
Right, enough rambling.  Let’s get this post saved so I can publish when I get home.


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