Connect to the power of thinking… maybe

The OU is embracing new technologies in capturing new students.   The adverts are clever and slick – but unfortunately fail at the end.

For example, the following advert is running as a little flash application on IT news website The Register.

OU Grab

So far so good, funny, catchy.  Then you click on the add and you get directed to this page.  Not exactly appealing is it – why are there different prospectuses (prospecti?) for yourself and for your organisation?  I can see that this is a relatively cheap way to support an ad campaign, and at least it pointed me to the Computing and ICT prospectus, but this is the undergraduate prospectus, not the postgraduate prospectus (and many people in IT reading the register are likely to have a first degree!).

Ah well, maybe they can’t always get it right first time.


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