And the world can be your Oyster…

Or the Oyster card anyhow.

For anyone who goes down to London more than a  couple of times a year, an Oyster card makes perfect sense.

There’s the savings for one.  A bus journey is 90p instead of £2.00.  And the tube journey I took on Thursday would have cost £2.00 (£4.00 return obviously), not the £9.10 I ended up paying (my fault, problems with buying the wrong travel card so ended up buying both).

There’s also a fascination with the technology.  It’s a contactles card, so it must have some sort of RFID tag in it.  But there’s some clever technology in place here, for it to work on buses as well as ‘fixed’ points like the underground gates.

Eight weeks worth of journeys are available online, so I can always claim the cost back when on company business.  And registering for Oyster was easy enough (apart from a complex password required – hope I remember it).

There were rumours a while back that something similar was going to be implemented by Network West Midlands, let’s see how that develops.  I’m guessing this could have it’s own challenges though, as many stations are unmanned, or unsigned even.  Maybe you can ‘touch in/touch out’ of the train instead.


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