Sunday posting – Information underclass update

A while back I posted about a friend who did not have easy access to the Internet. Though a deal with AOL and the Carphone Warehouse, he now has a ‘free’ laptop, for signing up for 24 Months with AOL.

So for £480 over two years, my friend has a laptop and wireless broadband. Not a bad deal.

He’s slowly getting used to more regular email contact and I’ve persuaded him to install and Instant Messaging service. We’ll be able to chat online very soon, though at the moment our messages have been asynchronous.

Meanwhile, I’ve been sending emails to/from my parents about some financial planning, much easier than talking to them over the phone. My parents are still on a dial-up service. Over the next few months I need to work out whether it’s beneficial for them to switch from this.

Would I recommend TalkTalk broadband to them? At the moment the answer is no. I still have unexplained dropouts, and poor broadband speeds. I’m happy to accept that some of this could be due to distance from the exchange, and I’m looking at alternatives now, though many of the new offerings don’t cover this backwater, living 5 miles from Wolverhampton City Centre!

Finally, my general love of gadgets is well known, even when they extend to household goods. I don’t think even I can class this as a gadget.

Back to PRINCE2 revision.


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  1. Cismsleds on

    all but a year ago now, my computer got a positively grim virus. I’m not tried how it started, but my computer kept frustrating to run unfamiliar programs and would and character problem refrigerate up equite after it was turned on from vexing to run them. My cousin who has IT practice tried to assistants us out. We got the computer stabilised and workable and ended up re-installing Windows more than the corrupted version. At the age we cogitation the puzzler was dealt with. yet, we installed multiple virus scanners and ran scans with AVG relieved of, Virusglance at, Spybot, A
    d-apprised, Xoft-Spy, Stinger and an Online inspect from Symantec asylum Check. Most of these were pronouncement no difficultys, but AVG detected not too viruses that it couldn’t remedy and filed away. The computer was marginally slower, but wasn’t too noticable at the after . across the keep on few months, the computer has been getting slower and slower and a large amount of blank on the badly ride herd on hint at has disappeared. We had connected with 100GBs fist after the virus and now are down to fro 10GB neck granted we are constantly un-installing programs and we haven’t satisfactorily files or programs on the computer to good up all the abandoned blank. This combined with the computer slowing down to a snail-grovel precipitousness all the after has made it frustrating to use at best. If anyone could furnish me any avoid, it would be quite much appreciated.
    Deckard’s plan inspect
    Run by Gerry on 2008-06-23 01:10:41
    Computer is in natural Mode.

  2. Pepaerord on

    I’m the only one in this world. Can please someone join me in this life? Or maybe death…

  3. cypepameWop on

    Just a test

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