Inter Library Loan

Firstly, a quick response to yesterday’s post.  Claire from Microsoft has responded to my hypothetical question about support for XNA, she says –

 “…we don’t have any plans to pull XNA particularly because it is so popular in academia across the world.”

I’d forgotten the international aspect – whilst there’s a growing user base here in the UK, worldwide there are probably hundreds of university courses using XNA.

The title of the posting is to give a cheer to our library here at BCU, which has responded incredibly quickly to an inter-library loan request.  I’ve got “The Social Life of Avatars” sitting on my desk, and have read a couple of papers in the (little) downtime I’ve had today.  They’re good papers, some have taken a slightly less formal academic tone than I would have expected from a book published in conjunction with the BCS, but there’s still info here that provides some validation to my theory that “Avataristic Studies” (a name I’ve just created, and will have to copyright soon! does have a sound basis for further research.  I’m also comforted that the book was published in 2002, but some of the graphics and avatars shown could have walked out of Second Life.

Talking of which, I took the plunge and joined Second Life last night.  First impressions are that I won’t be dragged into it.  The ability to fly is very clever, and I’ve found some 2L learning resources which could be useful as my research develops, but I’ve not developed any urges to buy land and set up home there, just yet.


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