Sunday Post – Why I don’t sleep well?

As a mid-teenager, there were few things as cool (well OK, maybe sex, drink and drugs, but this was the West Midlands, and I did have a very sheltered upbringing) as having your own coffee machine in your room.

The machine of choice was a coffee ‘Percolator’, rarely (if ever) found in shops nowadays, but I’ve managed to find an image of something similar.


 So, imagine the scene, eight o’clock on a school night, listening to Rush on vinyl on my stereo, and playing Elite with my friend Adrian on my Acorn Electron, and the twelve cup coffee percolator gently bubbling away.  For us, high grade Columbian was only related to the quality of coffee (after some aborted attempted with our parent’s Mellow Birds and some stolen Nescafé Gold Blend).  Sugar, and Coffee Mate completed it – we were probably drinking two or three decent sized mugs of coffee each night, every night, whilst simultaneously over-stimulating our auditory and visual systems.

And now I wonder why I don’t sleep well?  What were my parents doing at the time allowing me to mainstream caffeine from eight to ten pm?  They’d have done better introducing me to mild illegal hallucinogens, though again I don’t think they existed in Wednesbury in 1984, apart from the odd sniff of a Tip-pex bottle (though I was never sure whether it was Ti-pex or Tip-pex thinner, probably bringing a new meaning to a ‘white nose’.

To assist my gentle (!) ease into sleep now I have a DAB radio, iPod, CD stereo, ear plugs, light mask, anti-histamines, hot/cold packs, and a choice of reading materials from comic books to historical biographies.  I envy those who can just turn off the light and go to sleep.



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