Launch of the Leopard

I’m not quite trembling with excitement, but I am looking forward to the TNT courier delivering the new Leopard Operating System this afternoon.  Despite all my coolness, I guess that I’ll be ripping open the packaging and upgrading as soon as it arrives. 

The Guided Tour kindly posted by Apple does provide a caveat that it could take one or two hours, so I’ll settle down with a good book and watch the installation.  In fact, the guided tour was really useful to get a feel for what Leopard will provide me for my £58 (education discount – normally it’s £85).  Macrumors has provided some great coverage, including linking to Apple’s list of the 300 improvements.

The BBC News article has been edited slightly, the first version I read this morning emphasized that that there was just a single version of the operating system, compared to the many flavours of Vista.  This could have been due to a perceived bias, BBC has generally provided good coverage of Apple in my experience.

I’ll post my upgrade experiences here – I know there are some friends who are considering the upgrade themselves.

Just to balance all this ‘macciness’ (I’m not surprised the spell checker didn’t find that word), I should confess that I’m writing this blog using Windows Live Writer – which provides a WYSIWYG blog editor, only for Windows machines though.  One big project in the next month is an overhaul of my Windows machine at home, the freezes and lags have become unbearable now and I need to get this sorted.  I’m willing to spend £50 on memory and wireless card upgrades for the old dear too.

It’s good to be back posting, and hope readers like the newly selected theme.  Whilst I’m not a great fan of Times New Roman font when on-screen, I think it does work well here – any comments?


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