Meeting to arrange – meet meetomatic!

An email yesterday complete with an Excel spreadsheet reminded me of the worst problems I had when I was in industry, arranging mutually agreeable times for meetings from a large number of people.

Around 2000, I discovered the website meetomatic, and it really helped me. I’ve tried to use it for social events, but it really is focused on business meetings.

It’s not changed much in that time, but it really is useful. The organiser sets up a meeting title and a range of dates. She then emails the link to all the participants. They go on the website, and simply click when they are/aren’t available, and any comments. The organiser can then go and see who has/hasn’t responded, and the ‘best’ choice for dates. Simple!

I note that when I started to use meetomatic is was part of a research system by the Open University. This appears to be no longer the case and it appears to be run by a three person band. I’ve never come across anyone else who knew about it, but it does work, and I urge you to try it.

I did fill in the spreadsheet yesterday with the appropriate red/green squares, and sent it off, and also sent a link to meetomatic. The response was, as I had hoped enthusiastic.

An all day teaching today, then final golf lesson tonight – sniff!


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