A varied day

It’s been a real mix of a day, one where I’ve not been sure where I’m coming and going.  It’s not been helped by worrying about those nearest and dearest to me, who all have various health problems.  It’s a rare event when I’m the fittest person that I know!

Workwise, there’s still some fallout from the university name change – see my previous post and the comments about it.  It’s triggered some ‘silly season’ emails from some of my colleagues, some of which aren’t very supportive or helpful.

That, a quick scramble for project ideas, and the rest of the day has been spent scheduling placement visits.  The ‘Andy Hollyhead’ world tour (first leg) goes something like this.  (Maybe I should get a t-shirt printed!)

2nd November London

9th November Norfolk

15th November London

22nd November Reading

29th November Leatherhead

I really don’t mind, for the London and Reading trips – I can let the train take the strain (which I tried when heading home last night and it took me nearly two hours).  The other two are driving marathons – Norfolk in particular is a heck of a drive, and I’ll stop overnight and head back on Saturday.

Talking about Saturday working, I’ll be at the UCE BCU Open Day on Saturday, after I do my first house viewing in over twelve years.  It’s less than two miles from uni and on the train line for Birmingham city centre for if/when we relocate there.


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