It’s took a while, but I’ve got my timetable for next semester sorted.

On Tuesday morning I’m teaching ‘Principles of IT Project Management’ – a good time, and not too early so the postgrad students get a bit of a lie in.

Wednesday starts with ‘IT Professional Practice’, an hour for lunch, then it’s ‘Advanced Project Management’ and ‘IT Professional Practice 3’.  These time slots overlap by an hour, finishing at 5pm.

I’ve decided that how I’m going to do this is develop a cloning machine (as Homer did in Treehouse of Horror XIII).  This may take more than the week that I’ve got, but it’s a good workaround…

Homer Cloning


Note, any similarity to myself and Homer Simpson, in particular to hairstyle and waistline is purely coincidental – honest!

In reality, this isn’t too bad.  Whilst Wednesdays will be rough, I can schedule this – no more golf in the evenings (only two more lessons to go anyhow).  I’ll make my availability times Tuesday afternoon/Wednesday morning, as that will be the time that the students will be in, freeing me up for project students, course director duties and placement visits the rest of the week.

Another long day today though with postgraduate induction, more tomorrow probably on this.


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